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Daryl Cole
Daryl Cole CFP®

1420 E. Chapman Ave. Orange, CA 98266
(714) 704-9085

Daryl Cole, CFP®, graduated Cum Laude with a degree in economics from the University of California, Irvine. Daryl started as a financial advisor in 1995 with a goal of helping people accomplish their financial goals. He serves as Wealth Manager to numerous clients across many states. Daryl has been invited to lecture an numerous venues, including California State University Fullerton and The University of California at Irvine Medical School. He has spoken and written articles on a variety of financial topics including: investments, retirement planning, college funding, tax strategies, and teaching money skills to children. Daryl and his wife Dee Dee are very active in their community and in their Church. His goal is to “make my corner of the world a better place.”

“A referral is a huge responsibility. It is also the highest compliment a client can give you and should not be taken lightly.”
 – anonymous